Saturday, February 28, 2015

Show the love, donate today!

Hello all~

It takes an entire community to raise a temple.  Emotionally, energetically, physically and financially, everyone is involved with the temple because the temple belongs to everyone.  Community involvement and investment is what brings this space to life.  The ToR team is putting together all the designs, plans, lists and schedules now for the next 3.5 months of building and we are humbly asking for your help.  There are a few items that we are looking for through donation.

What wee need:

Unfinished hardwood scrap.

The Temple is going to be adorned with a beautiful wood block mosaic.  Lots of this will be made up from the scrap plywood from the build but we are looking for hardwood to help fill out the designs and give it depth..... because hardwood is beautiful!

 This could be the leftovers from a floor remodel or the floor drop from your latest furniture masterpiece.  all that really maters is that it is unfinished.  We will be staining this with different organic and VOC free finishes to create a beautiful and natural color story.

Used low pressure gas tanks.

The centerpiece of the Tempe this year will be five mighty bells.  We are planning on recycling these from used gas tanks.  Propane tanks will work best but if you have something in mind please let me know and we can see if it will work.  The tanks need to be at least 12 inches across and 4 feet tall.

Money!! :)

We are asking for donations to help cover some of the machine and labor costs that are going into the project.  We have broken things down into two price levels for donation with some nice gifts to go with them. 


An easy donation of 15$ will land you on the contributors plaque and will get you two lovely "Temple of Resonance" stickers to adorn your water bottle, flask, fridge, car, pogo stick with and show the world your temple support.


 A powerful difference for us!  a 50$ donation will secure yourself one of our limited ToR t-shirts!  A lovely silk screened black poly/cotton shirt silk screened with the ToR logo and looking oh so fine.  You will also receive two stickers and have your name on contributors plaque.

All gifts will be sent out in late April/early May and will be to you in time for Apo.

Thank you so much!  It is absolute honor to be creating this gift for the community. The temple has been a dream of our for many years.  We are eternally grateful for your help in bringing it to life.

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